Managing A Healthy Diet For The Physically Fit Person

The fast-food fad has slowly dissipated to another more confusing fad; the obsession to be fit. Not to be confused with the extremely positive goal to become healthy, this fitness obsession results purely from the need to look aesthetically pleasing, and much less from the need to be actually physically healthy.
Gyms and personal trainers have become extremely popular; it seems that each and every individual is currently a member of a gym. Social media stars that flaunt seemingly perfect bodies allegedly achieved through working out at the gym and juice cleansers, have driven forward a culture of becoming fit for the sake of being relevant.
Although striving to become physically fit should be encouraged no matter the reason to pursue it, there is in fact a correct way and an incorrect way in which it can be achieved.
The following offers guidelines to the modern-day physically fit individual about ways in which he or she can truly pursue a healthy body, and not one that just appears healthy.
Fresh fruit and vegetables
Although the aforementioned juice cleansers are currently very popular, nutritionists have stressed upon the importance of consuming the whole fruit or vegetable, as opposed to juicing it, as many nutrients are lost during this process. Including a healthy salad to your breakfast meal, with the inclusion of at least three to four vegetables, will allow you to add the necessary nutrients to your body, and provide the needed fuel for it to kick start the day.
Fruit can be included as a snack-time indulgence in place of sugary sweets. It has been proven that cravings for sugar can be satisfied by costuming fruit, as the natural sugars in fruit can mitigate this, while minimizing the amount of added sugars in your diet.
Proteins and ‘good’ fats
Protein is one of the most necessary nutrients that one’s body requires. Essential proteins should ideally be included in every meal of the day. While lean meats such as chicken or fish can prove themselves to be excellent sources of protein, nuts and legumes can also provide the same benefits, alongside dairy. Eggs too are a very good source of necessary proteins.
For those that require extra amounts of protein, companies world-wide provide natural sources of protein in the forms of powders or pills that can be consumed in addition to your meals, such as the highly popular plant based protein in Australia. These plant based protein options are a suitable choice for those that are vegetarian and do not consume fish, eggs, or poultry.
Fats are generally seen as unhealthy for anyone choosing to stay fit and healthy. However, fats are a necessary nutrient for the body. ‘Good’ fats (HDL fats) that provide nutrients and do not elevate cholesterol levels, but in fact, remove the ‘bad’ cholesterol from the body, must be consumed. The healthiest choice in terms of fat is unsaturated fat, while Tran’s fats are the least healthy option.