How To Be Smart About Shopping

Retail therapy is a great stress buster – as long as you have the hardware for it. If not, shopping for clothes can be one of the most stress- inducing moments of your life. Because good clothes take time and effort to make, they are expensive to get. Instead, you can check out certain alternative ways in which you end up with clothes you will actually wear, but still save your money:

Improvise with the SportswearProfessional sportswear can enhance your performance: professional swimmers wear swimming suits and trunks that are specially coated in a lubricant or simulate dolphin skin to help them cut through the friction of the water faster and easier; this shaves off precious seconds of their timing. Cyclists wear cycling clothing that absorbs sweat, preserves body heat and reduces the friction of air so they can pedal fast without worrying about sudden fatigue. But you don’t need these unless you’re aiming for the big leagues. Moms can improvise for their kids with tight t shirts and shorts for cycling jerseys Australia; normal swim suits, goggles and caps for their little swimming champs; and spikes with tank tops and shorts for their little athletes.

Create Your Own CostumesBecause Halloween and other traditional holidays have become a cash cow business now, costumes cost a lot in stores. If you can sew, problem solved. But even if you can’t, there is no reason to shell out a fortune to buy a Superman costume when you can make one at home with a few adjustments. This is especially true for children, who might demand novelty costumes to match their favourite superhero. Instead, buy an accessory that will help improve the costume and put together everything else at home: buy Ben Ten’s watch but tell your kid to choose a t-shirt and shorts from their own wardrobe; buy the glasses or the tie but Harry Potter’s robe and school uniform can easily be found in someone’s school clothing.

Go Old School GlamourVintage and thrift stores are the holy grail of budget shoppers because they contain gems that cannot be found in a department store that stocks a dozen of every design from every colour. Going old school doesn’t mean you have to go old fashioned; plenty of vintage clothing stores have designs that are now back in fashion. For instance the bell- bottomed jeans that were first in vogue in the 1960’s made a comeback in the early 2000s. Similarly, polka dots and stripes and structured shoulders are in fashion now so going vintage is a good idea. There are also plenty of things in the thrift store that you can tweak just a bit to make it look chic and ‘in’ today.