Gifts For Your Son Who Is Turning 21 This Month

Birthdays are always special, especially when your son is turning 21. After high school, it’s time for him to get enrolled in a college and do further studies. You as a father have to huge responsibility, but before that how would you like to celebrate his birthday? If your son is turning 21 this month then you should plan something special for him. Well, this time the occasion demands something different. Here is a list of things that you can present him on his 21st birthday:
A bike on his 21st birthday
Have you thought of presenting him a bike on his very birthday? This could be a very special gift that you can present your son. If your son is getting into a college then such gifts will be a real surprise for him. However, this can be a pricy gift, but if you plan it properly then it would not look like an expensive one. You can visit the bike shop in Fitzroy for the one and make the selection.
If your son loves adventure then why not present him a bike from bike shop Fitzroy? You can save some money for years if you think that such purchases are expensive and can lead to financial crunch. Well, there are plenty of other options too, let’s have a look:
iPhone or a Kindle
What about an iPhone or a Kindle? This can also be a good present for your son. However, any electronic gadget that is useful for your son can be a significant one to present.
A pocket watch or sports gear
Along with other gifts, you can definitely go for a pocket watch. This would not cost you much and can be a great addition to his collection.
You can also buy some branded sports gear or accessories and present him on his upcoming birthday.
A DSLR for passionate photographers
Are you are aware about your son’s passion or his Hobbies? Well, if you son is too much into photography or wants to become a professional photographer in future then this is high time to encourage him by presenting him a decent DSLR.
Take him to a vacation
Plan a vacation and surprise your son on his 21st birthday. Book a vacation for your family to some exotic locations in or around the country and surprise your son. You can also celebrate his birthday to the new destination and make his birthday a splendid one.There are myriad of other options too, but some customized gifts or the aforementioned ones are really good. You can think of something else too if you can.