DIY Gift Ideas For The Entire Family

Have a loved one’s birthday coming up? Not sure what to buy them but also don’t want to give them a gift card?

Everyone seems to rule out self-made gifts as a genuine option. Whether this is because people don’t have the time to make something, do not know what to make someone or thinks that the resources for the gifts themselves are expensive, for some reason people think that self-made gifts are too much trouble.

However, this does not need to be the case as sometimes the most simplest gifts are the most appreciated.

There are a number of different, easy gifts that can be made for the entire family.

A Dad who golfs
For the Father who enjoys playing golf, making a cool golf gift for Dad could simply involve making tags for his set of golf courses in Yarra Valley. Similar to the way people custom-make their own luggage tags in order for their bags to stand out in busy places such as an airport, making a tag is relatively easy.

Simply using a strip of fabric, some ribbon, a piece of material that somehow identifies who the exact owner of the bag is more than enough. Even making a tag out of a funny golf toy is an easy gift to make but is also something that will sure make Dad’s bags stand out from the rest in newly opened golf facilities.

Cool gifts for girls
There are many cool homemade gift for the young girls of the family – it all depends on the personality and interests of the person who is to receive the gifts.

For someone who enjoys reading, an easy homemade gift is to make a bookmark. For someone who enjoys hair accessories, making a new headband out of a nice bit of scrap material is a good idea. For someone who loves to wear lots of jewellery, making small pieces out of random objects will make for a unique gift. If stuck on a viable idea, a simply Internet search will help in finding something.

Such gifts are quite inexpensive to make. In fact these are gifts under $20 but are still thoughtful ones that are bound to get a lot of use.

Homemade soaps and body scrubs for Mum
If it proves difficult to find gifts for under $20 for Mum, look no further than a plethora of homemade body soaps and scrubs recipes available online. These beauty treatments are generally easy to make and when selecting what scents to add will demonstrate how much you know your mother’s preferences. This will also indicate how much your mother is appreciated and that you would like for her to relax and enjoy some ‘me’ time.

Whether a birthday or another special occasion is coming up, there is a wide range of potential gift options. The recipients of these gifts will recognize the trouble and thought that has been taken in creating such presents.